Adding Interest & Character

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Working with some of the features already present in this garden, we painted both the fence and the shed in a softer shade then added slate-style tiles to the shed roof. The client wanted to grow vegetables so we built sleeper-sided veg beds at [...]

Large Family Garden (With Chickens!)

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This large family garden featured a large pergola-type structure in the centre, behind which the owner had a makeshift chicken coop. We removed the old pergola, opening up the garden, and re-homed the chickens in a purpose-built, fox-proof coop to one side. We then [...]

Modern City Garden

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The frontage of this London townhouse needed a smart new look, so we replaced the existing large bamboo plants with these sleek Taxus in a stylish container. These also complement the other contemporary planting at the property, such as the elegant box balls. Jamie is a truly wonderful, [...]

Picturesque Formal Garden

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In 2013 we turned a bare patch of this garden into a picturesque formal garden with a dramatic fountain at the centre, surrounded by beds edged with box hedging and filled with tall purple verbenas. We now also look after the regular maintenance [...]

Large Formal Family Garden

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We took over the regular garden maintenance for this client in 2012 and amongst other things we reshaped and trimmed the large formal hedge within the garden, to get it looking its best. We also recently completed a formal design for the front [...]

Raised Formal Pond

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The old sunken pond in the formal area of the garden had seen better days. By raising and enlarging the pond we not only made it into a striking feature on which you can sit whilst feeding the fish, but also gave more [...]

Walkway Pergola

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The old line of conifers behind the path in the garden had died and become covered with ivy. We therefore removed them and erected a new wooden pergola which spanned the walkway. This allowed us to open up the garden and yet retain [...]

Striking Courtyard Garden

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Having moved to a new house in London our client wanted the whole outdoor space freshened up. We achieved this by introducing many new plants to pots and beds in the garden, including Buxus and Hydrangea amongst others. We also set large planters [...]

Hard Landscaping Features

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A mixture of hard landscaping techniques were required here to repair, reinstate and install new features. Brick edging was replaced around the gravel drive, granite setts were layed where the drive met the road and an oak archway was erected with a basket [...]

Herbaceous Borders & Feature Olive

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Following the completion of a pool extension the client here was left with a number of large formal beds to replant. We decided upon a strong mixture of flowering herbaceous plants to add colour and texture. These were interspersed with other shrubs to [...]

Rear Garden

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This town garden suffered from a lack of form and shape. The introduction of the pergola over the existing patio created an intimate space for relaxing and the paths lead the eye down the garden creating an impression of length. Jamie helped [...]

Docklands Light Railway

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At this site in Beckton, East London, we created a plan to revitalise the car park area, which is used by visitors to the depot. We replanted the main bed with multi-stemmed silver birch trees and added box, dogwoods and other shrubs, plus [...]